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Innovative products.

Our products are designed to improve your dairy herd.

Improve Quality

Improve Quality.

Our products will improve your milk quality.

Commitment to Quality

Commitment to Quality.

Highest quality products for a quality herd.

Commitment to our Customers

Commitment to our Customers.

We're here for you!  We know the dairy industry, and are dedicated to helping your dairy succeed.

Cows Love Us!

Keep Cows Happy.

Engineered to keep cows healthy and happy

Tested on Animals

Tested on Animals.

Our products are proudly tested on animals.

We Belong In Your Barn

We aim to improve your dairy business by delivering effective dairy foot care products, teat dips, barn chemicals, milk replacer and bull semen.  Our products will improve your bottom line, we firmly believe that if we can't make you money, we don't belong in your barn.

  • Percentage of Cows with Swollen Feet Percent_of_Cows_in_Herd_With_Swollen_Foot
  • Percentage of Cows with Wart Percent_of_Cows_in_Herd_With_Wart
  • Percent Swollen Feet Accompanied By Wart graph-pdf/Percent_of_Swollen_Feet_w._Wart.JPG
  • AdVantage significantly reduces swollen foot over competing products.
  • AdVantage will reduce the number of cows in your herd with wart by as much as 31%
  • Dairies using AdVantage have 50% fewer cows with swollen feet and warts.