COPPER PLUS used with AdVANTAGE™ is a cost effective method to maximize you dollar without compromising superior results while reducing the copper residue in your soil.

VANCO has developed the industry’s first cost-effective method to PREVENT both hairy wart and hoof rot. Using COPPER PLUS with AdVANTAGE™ reduces your overall footbath costs, PLUS it reduces your copper residue by over 90%.

For the last two decades, digital dermatitis (i.e. mortellaro, foot wart, hairy heel wart, thrush or strawberry wart) has become an increasing concern for Dairymen throughout the world including Mexico, Europe and Canada.

Although digital dermatitis was originally believed to be caused by a virus, it is now believed that digital dermatitis is caused by one or more bacteria. At present, the disease is treated in several ways. The most effective treatment is the use of antibiotics, such as tetracycline, lincomycin, spectinomycin, penicillin, oxytetracycline, and ampicillin. These are typically applied to the affected area via use of footbaths, sprays or foot wraps. While antibiotics are effective in treating these infectious diseases, there are several drawbacks associated with antibiotic use. Antibiotics are expensive, and there is concern, especially with Dairy Cows, that the use of antibiotics may result in the presence of antibiotic residues in the animal and its milk.

When used with AdVANTAGE™, Dairymen are able to see huge financial savings with excellent results.

Dairies around the country are enjoying the results and savings provided by AdVANTAGE™ and COPPER PLUS.