• Over 300,000 cows are currently wiped by our towels.
  • Almost all dairies see a reduction of cows in the Hospital after using our towels
  • Most dairies have recorded lower somatic cell counts after using our towels
  • Dairies ranging from 60 to 12,000 cows use our towels.
  • Previous cloth towel users prefer our towel.
  • Milkers prefer our wipes to any other dairy towel.
  • Easier fanny pack and dispenser refills.
  • Great for calf pen, hospital pen or mobile use.
  • Prevents spread of bacteria.
  • Ultra-absorbent. Easy to use.
  • Recommended by Vets

No More Mastitis Spikes due to laundering mistakes or milkers using one towel on multiple cows!

Tired of worrying if the towels you are using are clean. Finally a towel with the strength and absorbency of cloth without the worries of spreading bacteria.

No more stacking or wasting time sorting your towels.

Milkers love the way the towel works and dairymen love the results.