VANTAGE is a PREMIUM 1% (10,000 ppm) iodine teat dip. Vantage has a guaranteed 10% amount of Glycerin along with a 3% dermal emollient complex, utilizing cutting edge technology in skin care applications. Dairymen marvel at the teat condition found after continuous use of Vantage.

Vantage's higher free iodine gives the dairyman the satisfaction of a fast kill along with the continuous protection given by our state of the art VPC (Vanco Premium Conditioning) package. Now dairyman are able to keep excellent teat condition year around with the satisfaction of ultimate mastitis protection.

Vantage contains the same VPC (Vanco Premium Conditioning) package found in other quality products offered by Vanco. Additional members of the VPC family are VanGuard, Vigilant, Vision, Value and VanQuarter.