When the weather gets down right nasty, it's time to be VIGILANT in your post dipping methods. Water based iodine teat dips can cause frostbite if weather and wind conditions are not favorable. Don't let inclement weather destroy your cow's teats. VIGILANT Winter Dip is formulated with a 70% emollient system to enhance skin conditioning needed from harsh weather conditions.

Jeffrey K. Reneau, Department of Animal Science, University of Minnesota, St. Paul write:

"Consistent use of an effective teat dip is a very important mastitis control procedure. In stall barns or warm free-stall units where ambient temperatures do not get below freezing, teats of all cows should be dipped after each milking every day of their lactation. Yet wintertime conditions in the northern dairy states present challenges for proper teat dip management. Below freezing temperatures may cause the teat dips themselves to become frozen when stored in non insulated, unheated buildings or during transportation to the farm. It has been shown that the active ingredients of some teat dip solutions may precipitate or partially precipitate out of solution as a result of freezing and subsequent thawing, thus concentrating the active ingredients in the lower levels of the storage containers. Use without re-suspending the precipitated ingredients by thorough mixing may result in either teat dip solutions that have an ineffective disinfectant concentration or teat dips in concentrations so strong that teat irritation occurs."

Don't take the risk explained above with iodine teat dips that are water based. Enjoy the peace of mind along with the ultimate skin conditioning provided by VIGILANT when those temperatures and conditions prohibit the use of ordinary teat dips.

Vigilant contains the same VPC (Vanco Premium Conditioning) package found in other quality products offered by Vanco. Additional members of the VPC family are VanGuard, Vantage, Vision, Value and VanQuarter.