VIGOR is a heavy duty liquid alkaline pipeline and bulk tank cleaner containing sodium hydroxide, anti-redeposition polymers, water softening agents, stabilizing and chlorinating agent. VIGOR is recommended for applications where heavy butterfat and oily soils are encountered. VIGOR is a concentrated heavy-duty pipeline and bulk tank cleaner developed to provide maximum hydroxide alkalinity along with dispersing agents, water softeners, wetting agents and iron inhibiting ingredients.

Vigor is a member of the Elite Products program. Other products included in the Vanco Elite Product program is VanGuard, Vantage, Vigilant, Vision, VanQuarter, Vanish, Vibrant, Venom, Vigor II Powder, and Vanco's Premium Dairy Wipes.

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Water Hardness Oz. of VIGOR to Water
0 to 14 Grains 1 Oz. to 4 Gallons of Water
15 to 24 Grains 1 Oz. to 3 Gallons of Water
25 to 39 Grains 1 Oz. to 2 Gallons of Water

Upon completion of milking, thoroughly flush
entire pipeline system with warm water.
Do NOT recycle rinse water.
Once rinse water runs clean and clear, add the
appropriate amount of VIGOR liquid CIP
cleaner to the HOT water. Cycle cleaning solution
through the entire system for 8-10 minutes.
Flush entire pipeline thoroughly with warm water.
Do NOT recycle rinse water.
Acid rinse using a VANCO acid.
Sanitize prior to milking according to local
Health Department regulations.
More VIGOR may be required for larger systems.

Start wash with water temperature at 165°F/74°C.
If using cooler water, more VIGOR liquid CIP
cleaner will be necessary.
Stop wash when the water temperature falls
below 105°F/41°C.